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Before You Paint

Important Things You Should Know Before You Paint

1. BEST PAINT(100% Genuine Acrylic Paint) It is the most Durable of all paints, resists fading and provides for Amazing Color Definition. This paint makes your Home look its Absolute BEST for the LONGEST period of time

2. LOWEST QUALITY PAINT(Contractor Grade Paint) Has lower levels of quality paint ingredients and is often referred to as Liquid Water.  This paint tends to scratch & fade easily and often leads to Costly & Stressful Repaints much SOONER than needed. It is however the Most Popular paint because of its very Low Cost generally 50% less then Genuine 100% Acrylic Paint(Best Paint). 

3. BEST VALUE-Do not be fooled by thinking one manufacturer is better than the other. All have 4 to 6 different grades of paint under their Name ranging from Very Poor Quality to the Very Best(100% Acrylic). The vast difference in Prices from store to store is mainly dependent on the amount of Advertising stores do and Franchise Fee’s they have to pay. Simply pick you Best Value Genuine 100% Acrylic Paint and you will be very happy with the results. Don’t Pay for Fancy Advertising Pay for Paint Quality. 

4. PAINTS WORK IN BASES - Lighter Colors are a lower base & Darker are a higher base. The Darker Colors are always your worst performing and least durable, while lighter colors are your Best PerformingReds as known as the worst performing color. 

5. LIGHT GREATLY EFFECTS A COLORS APPEARANCE-Light is the single greatest factor in determining how a color appears on the walls. Different types of light bulbs will affect the appearance, as well as the amount of natural light entering the home. A color can appear vastly different in different rooms. 

6. NUMBER OF COATS-A general rule of thumb is 2 coats for a quality paint. Deeper colors may take additional coats especially the Terrible REDS. If it is a repaint, lighter colors are easier to cover over, while darker colors are harder and often may require it to be primed before painting.